Garments Manufacturing that balances Artisanal Craftsmanship with Modern Automation

As a top-tier garment manufacturing factory in Paraguay, INDOPAR combines its 34 years of industry expertise with cutting-edge automation technology to produce high-quality and standardized garments. With a focus on white label garments made from a variety of fabrics including denim, twill, and viscose, INDOPAR is dedicated to delivering customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. From pants and shorts to jackets, dresses, blouses, skirts, and more, our extensive range of products has earned us the trust of top fashion labels. With a commitment to excellence, INDOPAR continues to set the bar for quality and innovation in the garment manufacturing industry.

Our Servies

How we offer a range of services to help streamline your garment production operations.


Contamos con un equipo “in-house” de diseño y molderia. Esto nos permite rápidamente diseñar prendas únicas.


Trabajando en el rubro de la exportación, es importante tener bien definido el sistema de talles. Ademas contamos con un brazo robótico la cual nos garantiza exactitud en el corte y medidas.


32 años de experiencia en el ámbito de la exportación, aprendimos balancear el “know-how” de nuestros expertos costureros con procesos automatizados para lograr calidad.


Además, somos expertos en diversos tipos de lavado dependiendo del efecto que se busca en la prenda, acabados y materiales de alta calidad, y terminamos la prenda con un rigoroso control de calidad.

Our Products

With a range of white label garments in denim, twill, viscose & more. Our products include pants, shorts, jackets, dresses, blouse, & skirts


Nuestra línea de jeans trae tejidos de diversas partes del mundo a tu tienda. Tejidos con certificaciones sostenibles, avíos diferenciados, y lavados acorde con la identidad de tu marca. Conozca nuestros pantalones, shorts, y camperas desarrollados para hombres y mujeres.


Conozca nuestra línea de pantalones, shorts, y camperas hecha con gabardina. Hecho con algodón peinado y elastano para un entallado comfort. Tejidos con certificaciones sostenibles y avíos diferenciados. Descubra nuestra colección para hombres y mujeres.

Rayon & Viscose

Pocos tejidos logran replicar la caída que tiene la viscosa. Tejidos de China, Corea, Taiwan, y India hechos con certificación sostenible. Conozca nuestros modelos para blusas, tops, shorts, polleras, vestidos (cortos y largo) para mujeres.

Drop us a Line

Discover the difference at Indopar! Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and tailored solutions sets us apart. Contact us today to learn how we can help you bring your garment designs to life with exceptional results. Let's create something remarkable together.

Core Values

Our core values of quality, sustainability, transparency and continuous improvement guide everything we do, from production to partnerships.

Technical Knowledge

Our skilled team understands the materials and production process, using the latest techniques to create high-quality garments for top fashion labels. Our reputation for excellence is built on our commitment to continuous improvement and attention to detail. We offer tailored solutions to meet our clients' unique needs.


We use sustainable materials and eco-friendly processes to reduce our carbon footprint and conserve natural resources. We work with fashion labels that prioritize eco-friendliness, and we believe fashion can be stylish and sustainable.


At Indopar, we're committed to delivering high-quality garments. We continuously strive to improve our processes and exceed expectations. Our culture of quality is ingrained in everything we do, and we take pride in delivering exceptional garments worldwide.


We believe in ethical business practices and building long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers based on mutual trust and respect. We're committed to transparency and sharing information openly and honestly. This empowers everyone involved in the manufacturing process to make informed decisions.

About Us

About Us

With over 34 years of experience in the garment manufacturing industry, Indopar has become a trusted partner for businesses looking to produce high-quality, customized garments. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding our clients' needs and delivering solutions that exceed their expectations. From fabric selection to garment design and production, we have the expertise and experience to help businesses enhance their brand and achieve their goals.

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